Issue 14

The Rural Pleasure

Edited by : Kavita Ingale

A guy, after his Bachelors in mechanical engineering, MBA from one of the well-known institutes of India, absorbed in a well-known Indian Industry, resigns his job one day and starts a business, with the concept which is never used before! But here, it is not important what he did? But "why" is!! What made him give up his already settled life and start a total new business "Rural Pleasure"!

Chirag Munjani. The person who had courage to follow his passion, once he found one.While working for his company's rural project, Chirag came into contact with the real India, which is rural people, and spending time with them made him visualize one real good concept, which changed the lives of hundreds of tribal families, The rural India, which plays a great part in making India The India, but have trouble in making two meals for their families!

Chirag belongs to an upper middle class family, born and brought up in Baroda, family well educated and with the values of giving, helping other people and try to make their life better.These virtues were well absorbed in Chirag since childhood. Before knowing how Rural Pleasure works, let's understand what it is. After Urbanization, people moved to cities and started developing what we call a modern lifestyle. In this process, undoubtedly, we have progressed a lot, but have distanced from our roots,and Chirag through his travelling concept, wants us to visit old us, be in touch with our culture again.

In " rural pleasure" , tourists visit the tribal India, rural India, live in their houses, for one or two days, follow their lifestyle, enjoy the authentic rural food at their houses ,try to recreate or reinvent per se, old art forms , like " Varli painting" of Dangs, and for a few days, actually stay with nature, away from all the pollution, constantly ringing phone, an experience to make them realize they are no different than nature, and they are part of it.

How it works?
When the tourists come and live with local tribe, they return with the true image of the rural India. This gives great responsibilities to tribe to represent the India that existed once upon a time. Along with that, Rural Pleasure also provides a great help in generating employment in those areas. Where they could only earn ₹15,000- ₹20,000 a year, because of tourism the income has multiplied. Their children have learnt alphabets and numbers even in Spanish from the foreign tourists, which signifies the cultural diversity amongst people worldwide, which is even missed by urban kids.

Thus, Rural Pleasure bridges a gap between Modern world and Rural roots. The concept is unique as nobody pays attention towards losing our culture. Amongst all the fights and awareness for obvious issues, this too needs to be taken care of. And when youngsters come up with such distinctive ideas it gives us a great hope for the future.

In the end, Chirag gives advice to the youngsters about believing in their dreams. And never to quit just because nobody is doing it, and give it a try!

About the Author:

Hetvi Chatufale

Hetvi is editor in chief and co-founder of Baroda Beat.hetvi takes care of the articles and also to approach people. Idea of Baroda Beat won't be come to existence without her. No matter how big your dream is she'll make you believe that you can achieve it.

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