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V.I.P Event Management

Edited by : Kavita Ingale

Sagar FAME Shah. Oh yes, Fame is his middle name and is an important part of his story. A guy, who holds a Masters degree, has a well settled business of his father, so what would you expect? No. You might have thought that he handled his father's business and had his share of happily ever after.

He had something better to do and wanted to create his own happily ever after. He was born in Mumbai and always wanted to stay there but as his family was moving to Vadodara he also had to move here. Sagar wanted to be a singer since a very young age but his studies and his family wanting him to take up the business responsibilities took him far away from his passion. When he went for his first job, he was quite sure that he couldn't work under anyone and that option was always off the list and neither did he ever wanted to join his father's business. He was a total brat and did not even have good company with him and his relatives had also given up on him. But when he completed his Masters in Computer Science, it struck him that now he has to do something. And that opened his eyes and led him to do something concrete once and for all."

In 2008, he thought of going for event management and when he was done taking decision, he asked a question to one of his dear friend that, "what is event management? Yes, today, in the Industry where his name is said to be a synonym of the word "event management

Once he was done finalizing about event management, then one day his friend called him up and told him about a big event that a well known firm was planning .He decided to give it a try and the next morning as he woke up; it struck him that he didn't even have a name to his company. After a lot of brain storming he finalized “VIP event management” and the significance of the name VIP-a very important person i.e. here it is the client; as simple as that!

When he reached for his first interview for an event, a panel of 20 interviewers was waiting for him. The first question that was asked to him was obviously about VIP event management, its significance and the second question was a game changer, "Why are you doing this event for- money or fame?" His answer was fame and he was selected because of that answer, as the ones who had established companies had answered that they were doing it for money. So that is how he got his first event, but as he came out of the meeting and was asked to send a P/O on the letter head of the company that is when he realized he didn't have any logo. He went home and called a designer and asked to make a logo with only two conditions that it should give a royal look and be something black and gold. In the next 10 hours, his website was ready and he was all set.

As he didn't have any professional degree in event management, he started exploring things and this entrepreneur who got a five year +1 year contract(for his honesty) and a standing ovation at his very first event, still thinks it was a disaster. After that first event, he has never looked back. The film Industry, as he says, "There are people who are the chewing gum for others, and then there are those who chew this gum, I wanted to be the latter."Entered in the industry as an event manager, today his name is proudly taken as the best artist manager and best event manager and has even grabbed awards for it! Right from the TV stars to big names of the industry, he has contact with all of them and from charity matches to concerts; his name is the first option that comes to one's mind. Once an event manager, now he has his own production company which has helped in the production of famous Gujarati movies and Hindi movies as well. Everybody faces downs in their lives, there are never only up’s, "I have been lucky that I haven't faced so many downs but when I did, I never gave up and continued with patience and somehow; it has always turned out to be the best.

While talking about his extraordinary convincing power, he adds that it is not only thing that helps but creativity and innovation is the key for any profession. He also said that no matter what, keep your intentions pure and never do politics in business, but business in politics. The talent of talking, what to speak and how to speak, he says are important keys to the line of business he belongs in. Some special names of his life he is thankful to being as humble he is, are many; starting from his parents as they have supported him at every step of his life and have been his courage then Varun Gupta, whom he considers as a brother and is his second ideal along with his father. Not to forget, his loving wife Mrs. Jigna Shah, without whom it wouldn't have been possible as she is like the third pillar of his life along with the first two being his parents. Kamlesh Patel,who has been there with him since his first event is with him and always will be. Prayag Kadakiya, his cousin and a business partner. Also, some people like Raja Hassan, Meet Bros., Irfan Pathan, they are his support since the time he started.

Now a little about VIP event management: Apart from doing event management, artist management, they are into wedding planning as well. As the tag line says, “we go for class and not mass" and they stay up to it. He also added that "I will give major credit of my success to the social media", who has got surprises lined up for us in the coming year. There are entrepreneurs who have excelled to be pioneers in their field and having come across one such, Team Baroda beat is fortunate.

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Hetvi Chatufale

Hetvi is editor in chief and co-founder of Baroda Beat.hetvi takes care of the articles and also to approach people. Idea of Baroda Beat won't be come to existence without her. No matter how big your dream is she'll make you believe that you can achieve it.

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