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Vishnu Opticals

Edited by : Kavita Ingale

We all have seen huge optical showrooms at Race Course in our city and after having a detailed talk, I found out that it is one of the biggest optical showrooms of Gujarat.

Mr.Deviprasad Mehta and his younger brother Mr. Vishnu Mehta are the creators and owners of Vishnu Opticals; those who triggered the wholesale business of optical in Baroda. When we talked to Mr. Devi Prasad on the phone, he readily illustrated his whole journey right from how it all started with a small incident. Once he bought a pair of sunglasses for his friend as a gift. Then later when he went to Delhi for some work, he saw that same pair of sunglasses was much cheaper in the local market there. So, at that moment he thought that what if through some way he can make these available at the same price in Baroda; that’s how “Vishnu Opticals” started.

He bought 4 different shades of sunglasses from there and came back to Baroda. Then, he met various retailers who approved the quality of those sunglasses and that is how he became the wholesaler of opticals. Vishnu Opticals is one of the optical wholesalers where we can find all kind of brands at a reasonable price. Also, they import their goods from various countries like China, Korea, and Italy. Moreover, he adds that they are suppliers to so many article outlets in India.

When asked about the varieties that they offer, Mr. Devi Prasad proudly says that all the products that we think are suitable for Barodians; we import them and once a person likes it and uses it and is also followed by others then that is how we can proudly call ourselves as the trend setters. He shares about his life before he started this business. His family was very poor and they used to sell socks door to door. Still when they came up with this idea of starting a new business and in the initial times when there was no revenue; their father never asked for money from them in that period of struggle.

And now, there are three shops all over Baroda. First one was started in Raopura, it was a small 200 sq. ft. place; but as his family has so many relatives, there used to be many visitors and so they shifted to bigger space and now there is one shop at Waghodia Road and the other one at Race-course which is one of the biggest showroom of optical in Gujarat.

" Being one of the premium sellers of optical in India, Essilor-crizal one of the leading brand for lenses and optical, has made Vishnu Opticals as one of their members of the platinum club along with a very few optic stores in India"

"Concluding his talk, Devi prasad said that it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of his friends and family and yes, He quotes profoundly that “There is no alternative to hard work.”

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