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Paras Pan

Success Story of Paras Pan

Jo Baat Baat se na bane, Wo baat paras pan se bane. Ala dost pan khava javu j paddse; chalo tyare PARAS PAN. Each and every young or adult who is crazy for pan in Baroda, will always get drawn to one of most famous place in town for Pan i.e. Paras Pan! The place which is always crowded with young people and they always keep on having pan batting there.Baroda Beat wanted to know that what drives the youth to this Pan culture. So we approached Paras Pan, the ultimate destination where you find variety of pan available under a roof.

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Delicious Legacy

Success Story of Mr.Puff

Puff, got a break for 10 minute in between classes so let’s go go grab a puff and a soft-drink; Mr. Puff, our very own bakery is quite well known by Barodians. If anyone living in baroda says that they haven't seen a Mr. Puff outlet in their area, they are surely lying. I am sure; I will never get no for an answer, but hey how many of us really know the roots of this popular Mr. Puff. The one with the-orange background-yellow fonts-which is eye catchy from 100 meter distance, lies way back to the independence time and that to Pakistan,

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2 Minutes Magic

Success Story of Maggiwala

A quiz for all of you: What is the yummiest thing that is made in just a matter of 2 Minutes?? Yeah! It's "Maggi". But there were two beauties with brain that saw a business in this 2minutes magic "Maggi". Yes! It's "Maggiwala".A hangout place in Baroda, where you get one of the yummiest things to eat; that each and every college person must have once visited the place or at least has heard about it. It’s a place with a completely different ambience, interesting interior and a comfortable place to make college memories.

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Ande ka Funda

Succes Story of Raju Omlet Center

The chase began at the age of 21 years; this boy had a lot of responsibilities as he came in the world and had a bag full of dreams. "Full of Ideas but had no money". It is very aptly said that a person who has nothing to lose, cannot be defeated. But yet this young man planned his way, worshipped his work and today he made his kingdom and is here today standing with Team Baroda Beat with so much humbleness answering our questions.Mr. Rajesh Bhogilal Rana- the very popular "Raju" and his "Annde ka Funda"; the person who made the "Gujjus" eat the "Innda" (eggs). In the year "1985" ye uss waqt ki kahani hai..

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