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An idea to bring the unheard voices to people; an idea to not just share but to inspire people to reach for the stars and make their dreams a reality- this was the reason behind SHRIRANG PURANDARE creating BARODA BEAT.

Harboring this idea for three years, Shrirang found two people to share this vision of his; his co-founders KHUSH BRAHMBHATT and HETVI CHATUFALE. After getting them on board, they together created BARODA BEAT. They started venturing and looking for people whose stories they wanted people to hear and read about.

They started to explore the stories around them and the journey continued and today Baroda Beat stands here with inspirational stories and invites you to share your stories with us and create a medium where you could see ideas generated and their journey.  This is the story of Baroda Beat. A story that discovered it’s eureka moment and aims at helping people find their eureka moment. Read on, join us and discover your beat!

Discover your beat.

Our Team

Shrirang Purandare

Shrirang, CEO, Founder and the mind behind the idea of Baroda Beat, is a pharmacy graduate and is pursuing his Masters in Human Resource Management. A Steve Jobs fan, he believes that "The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do." A favourite amongst his friends, he loves cooking and website designing. He is in charge of coding, updating and editing the website. An enthusiast and optimist, he cannot compromise with his sleep. With a gleam of passion in his eyes, he believes in hard work and dreams of being a successful entrepreneur.

Hetvi Chatufale

Co-Founder &

Hetvi, Editor in chief and Co-founder of Baroda Beat, takes care of the articles and approaching people. The conception of Baroda Beat wouldn’t be successful without her. She has a knack for convincing people; no matter how big your dream is she'll make you believe that you can achieve it. She is an optimist and hard worker. There are so many dots in the way to achieve your goal but if you have Hetvi by your side, she'll help you in connecting the dots and achieve the success. Baroda Beat is fortunate to have Co-founders like her.

Khush Brahmbhatt

Co-Founder &

Khush is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of Baroda Beat. He is responsible for all the online marketing and promotion of Baroda Beat. He also overlooks association of BB with other organizations and events. A marketing genius, more than 7 lakh hits in seven months wouldn’t have been possible without him. Truly dedicated towards his work, he is a visionary. A trustworthy person, he will strive hard and get you results more than you expect. A humble human being, he is effective in multitasking.

Kavita Ingale


The Creative Director of Baroda Beat Ms. Kavita Ingale, has done her graduation in business administration and is currently pursuing masters in human resource management. She is one of our/the most sincere and talented member who's contribution towards Baroda Beat is non negotiable. Every article goes through her before it reaches the masses and without her critical analysis for each and every task we take up, its incomplete.

Rachit Kumra

Also known as the “Money Man”, Rachit is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Baroda Beat. Officially an impresario, he manages finances, sponsorships et al. A foodie at heart, he loves to cook different cuisines. A happy-go-lucky guy has an aura of calmness around him. He will crack and lighten you up no matter how upset or low you might be. He’s always happy to help. A multitalented artist, he excels at playing the Electronic keyboard and has an excellent taste in music. Belonging to a defence background, a strong will and determination is in his genes and he believes that nothing is impossible.

Rohan Joshi


An engineer by occupation, Rohan always had a fondness towards writing because of his immense love of reading. Multitasking is his identity and there is no one who could teach you time management better than him. A dedicated and passionate individual, he aspires to be an author someday. Hardworking as he is, you just have to ask and the things would be done. He lives by the motto “Keep the spark alive.”

Sonali Pandit

Creative Content

Sonali, Creative Content Director of Baroda Beat, has done her graduation In Psychology from PDPU, Gandhinagar and is currently pursuing her Masters in Human Resource Management. A voracious reader and workaholic by nature, she is the perfect blend of work ethics.She takes care of the content that is put on the website but can work equally well in marketing and event management. A nature lover, she loves to hike and dreams of getting lost in a picturesque forest! An entrepreneurial spirit and talkative person, she will make you believe that there is something positive in everything, no matter however worse the situation is. You can best describe her as, “Wie Der Vater so die Tochter” (Like father like daughter)

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