Issue 3
The Versatile V.C :

"सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं"- Stating this as one of his favorite lines of sanskrit, Dr.Anil Kane gives us the whole new insight of the world we live in. When team Baroda beat met him, we only knew that he is the former vice chancellor of The Maharaja Sayajirao University,Baroda. But in the detailed session with him, we came out knowing much, much more. A self-made man, who can provide you with the knowledge right from any upnishad to chemistry, still being so casual of the aura he possess.

He himself admitted that he is one of those gifted who stood first in class along with being champion in wrestling. And believe me, it IS very rare. And he was the best NCC cadet of his batch! One more astonishment, He possesses the personality of an army man, but never been in forces!!still has been given the "honorable colonel command" as part of his serving as Vice Chancellor of Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda ,and while giving him he badge, they mentioned him as one of the truely deserving person for this honor. The list of amazement will keep going, but let us have the glimpse of the session team Baroda Beat have been fortunate enough to have with Dr..Anil Kane, who was the former V.C., was director at Essar steel, Hajira ,worked with IPCL,Reliance , Calico, Suzlon ,have 3 research patents on his name, is president emurtes in the world wind council.

Que. Sir, How was the early years of your life, your young days?

I was part of the upper middle class family, my forefathers were doctors and engineers-all an all educated family, and I was set up to be the farmer with land my family possessed. But at a time, we had to sell of the lands, and I had to continue my studies, and then I wanted to become pilot. after clearing all the tests, I was rejected because of medically not getting approved in tests with the reason of not passing in the eye section. And because of that, had to continue my study and i started my engineering in mechanical field from engineering college of Morbi. During that ,to support my family financially ,I used to run the mess,I used to get the scholarship from Mangaldas Jesangbhai.

Que.How did your professional career/Job started and various experiences during lifetime?

In the last year of my engineering, during annual price distribution function,the head of "parshuram pottery" noticed me getting all the prizes, he came to me and asked if i would work there after my degree,I agreed and started my first job there. Then I worked as a scientist,Central salt and marine chemicals research Institue,Bhavnagar for 7 years. then I have working experience at IPCL, as Head of process design,In GIIC as project planner and is responsible for around 30 projects in Gujarat.After that in Calico,then in Paramount LTD as Director, Then also worked at reliance as Department Chief Executive with Mr.Mukesh Ambani, a good friend of mine. Then as director at Essar steel. I worked on the proposal of "Kalpsaru" ,then was vice chancellor at the University, and now president emrutes after three terms as president at the world wind energy council.

Que.You are also known for the various academic achievements you hold, how ?

Well, contradicting what I have planned for my life with not studying so much,I ended up having variety of achievements. While working with the IPCL, impressed by my research work I did ,government approved me for doing my PhD without any masters degree and after that I used to go to Bhavnagar for research on weekends continuing the job, I got 3 patents on my name and a national award also. And then I did my Diploma in industrial administration and managment, after that somewhere I needed the knowledge of law, so I completed the study of law in international laws. and also, I started the first wind farm in Kutch, which is still working after more than 25 years ,the world wind energy council awarded me with the life time achievement award and made me the president, emrutes(life time president) of the world wind energy council.

Que.Wow, so evidently, you were the more than perfect candidate for the V.C of MSU, Baroda, but how did they find you and how was your experience from the post?

Y.K.Alag, who was handling ministry of commerce at that time, suggested my name for the post of VC, and following the belief-one with the commercial background who had industrial exposure can take decisions better ,was made the VC of MSU, Baroda for the term from the year 1998 to 2001 and it was a great experience of the lifetime. The important decisions I made during my acting period were pakka rasta in university campus, restart the swimming pool ,also, N number of new educational courses within the various departments, selection of the dean on their capability, not the only ones who have done PhD, during my time ,discipline and regularity in university in exams and results as per year Calender, project director should be vested with the authorities like travelling, digitalization of Gujarati, etc. During the challenging times of decision making ,I had to opt "Chanakya niti" to decide the right for the university.

Que. In spite of this much busy life, you have always found time for your hobbies ,your articles are published weekly in the news paper, what are your other interest areas?

Upnishads, vedas,Bhagvat Gita, Mahabharata, Ramayana, I have studies each and every along with the character study of each. Indian history is colourful in its own ways, but understanding of it in today's world is crucial, we have manipulated the meanings of the words "Brahmin" and "Kshatriya", they have to be redefined in the modern world. Also, Ramayana and Mahabharata, in this holy books, there are so many ill content have made way over the time which needs to be filtered for the betterment of the generations. Amongst all these subjects, Philosophy is my favourite.

Que. After this much of experience of working in the industry, what is your view on the CSR(corporate social responsibility) ?

A corporate should utilize maximum resources for the betterment of the society. "If people around you are not happy, then you can not be happy."He advices to follow this philosophy for the CSR.

Que. What is the one thing you observe in today's society,which makes you restless and angry?

The people who call themselves protectors of our Sanskriti, are orthodox on the name of traditional values, should not be entertained in any way.

Que. Any message for the youth from your side, sir?

This I will answer with reference to one shloka from Gita, which means "Do what you feel like doing, even if people don't accept it, even if it is criticized, follow your passion."

Interview By: Hetvi Chatufale, Shrirang Purandare& Khush Brahmbhatt

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