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Vadodara Blood Group

Edited by : Hetvi Chatufale

Imagine a situation where one of your loved ones is in the hospital and its emergent that you need blood for them. Now, most of the blood banks have a rule that for every blood unit you take, you have to give one unit of blood. But sometimes, even that is not feasible for some families. So, we all have been in this kind of situation one or the other time.

Mr. Keshwani, Professor at one of the faculties of M.S. University of Baroda, thought about the better way of blood donation. He had an idea that if we make a source when the one who is in need just have to look for the specific blood donor within the city, directly find their contact number and get the blood. Bhagyesh Joshi, his student developed a portal –a website which was developed to fulfill the idea of making donors reachable to direct receivers.

Now, let's understand how it works. For those who live in Baroda, they have to register themselves on the website, provide their contact details and address, and it gets filtered into the different categories of blood groups. So, when someone needs the specific blood group, they just have to open the website, click on the blood group they are looking for, and they receive the contact details of the person available for donation. This way, there is no extra procedure or middle man, donor and receiver are connected directly.

Mrs. Jyoti Patel, who now does all the handling of the website, says, the first thing I did was to send the mail to all the registered members requesting them to update about their permanent residence in Baroda and if they are no longer living in Baroda then they should remove their login. She then explained the reason of doing so imagine you found out the donor from the website ensured that you will receive the blood but when you call them as you are in urgent need of blood and they can't help you because they are out of town. Now, facing a negative answer in that situation is dreadful, so this was done just to make sure that the receiver shouldn't have 'No' for an answer.

Another benefit of this system is that the blood you donate is not wasted. When blood is preserved after donation, it becomes useless after certain period of time and can no longer be used. In the website, the donor only donates blood if there is receiver on the other end. A noble thought of the lady, Mrs. Jyoti Patel in her 20's. We were convinced from her talk that she is totally devoted to make the society a better place to live. Mathematics teacher to engineering students, she is full of ideas to make change in the society. She says,

" "We cannot wait for someone to make a bigger change, if your efforts are making even a single life better, you are being the change. Don't wait for others to start doing something good, be that other who starts.""

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Kavita Ingale

The Creative Director of Baroda Beat Ms. Kavita Ingale, has done her graduation in business administration and is currently pursuing masters in human resource management. She is one of of the most sincere and talented member who's contribution towards Baroda Beat is non negotiable.

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