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Helping Hand

Edited by : Kavita Ingale

We are fortunate enough to have the people around us who help the those in need. There are many organizations which are dedicated to this noble cause of helping others, but to find out the one man army, in this case, one women army is rare in this field.

We met one such rare personality, Mrs.Falguni Doshi. When team Baroda Beat went to her home, she welcomed us warmly and we had a great session with her. starting with her family background, she informed us that her husband owns a medical store ,two sons one of whom is working in other state and one is doing his graduation studies.

Talking about her family ,she was brought up in Mumbai and that has a great amount of influence on her. She has got nature of helping others in her DNA, from her family. Religious in nature, she believes that you should do any work for your own satisfaction. After shifting to new house, one day noticing the uselessness of used wheelchairs, fouler beds, walking sticks after the patient is done with the treatment and cured, Falguni ben had the unique idea of making these things available on the rental basis, in which a person can take the thing submitting the deposit amount, and then they can return the thing after the need is fulfilled of the thing.

She has stored the things in her backyard only and takes care of them all by herself and her family helps her in it.

Along with her friend Sonal, she started this initiative on the small scale setting up only 3-4 items.People got to know about it from their relatives-their relatives and this how "helping hand" is where it is without any kind of official publicity, reached to people, offers the helping hand to them. after some time, Falguni ben had to continue single handedly, but she manages it just perfect, all work is systematic, and after sometime, she started the rent of only one rupee per day for an item and she says ,"because of this people feel that they are not using it for free and also have a satisfaction of contributing for the noble cause."

Involved in this kind of activity, evidently Falguni ben comes across people and families who are suffering due to the illness of their loved ones, she tries to console them and helping them gives her the satisfaction that no amount of financial earning can ever give! When asked about the bitter experience she had during her journey, she said that sometimes things come back broken and people don't take the responsibility of damage and then even after arguing sometimes, she has to compensate the loss.

But she is okay with it, As she believes that for only 10 bads, you can't give up the other 90 goods! And this keeps her going on. The main reason behind her successful contribution she believes is her family's support, her drive to help people and the satisfaction she gets while doing her beloved work. Her work was recognized by red FM in the single handed worker in "social welfare" section and for that moment she is always thankful.

All and all, You learn the concept of "Simplicity" -you do your work silently and simply, world definitely notices.

About the Author:

Kavita Ingale

The Creative Director of Baroda Beat Ms. Kavita Ingale, has done her graduation in business administration and is currently pursuing masters in human resource management. She is one of our/the most sincere and talented member who's contribution towards Baroda Beat is non negotiable. Every article goes through her before it reaches the masses and without her critical analysis for each and every task we take up, its incomplete.

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