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Dosa on Wheels

Edited by : Kavita Ingale

Many of you who live or visit Manjalpur area regularly definitely have seen the Dosa on Wheels shop at least once. It has only been 4 months and they are catching eyes of the people around; but the story behind the one who created this concept is having variety of more than you can ask for in dosas.

Parth Anant, went to Australia for higher studies and worked in a pioneer hotel there. He always had at the back of his mind that one day he will start something in his own roots, his own country; but he let life flow its way. After working for several years in the hotel industry at Australia; one day while fishing, his friend suggested the idea of coffee on wheels as an affordable place to buy coffee. He didn’t do anything that time, but that idea was always at the back of his mind.

After spending 10 years in Australia, he came back to India and then joined his brother in “Café Caffeine”, a coffee shop where you get coffee for an affordable price and a peaceful ambiance. The objective behind “Dosa on wheels” is to provide good quality along with affordable price for everyone. Parth believes that even though he has this objective, finance is something which is essential and for that several steps need to be taken before starting to do what he actually needs to achieve.

Parth Anant, very clear about his goals of having a big restaurant venture, he started “Dosa on wheels” partially for understanding the market and to find out what customers actually like. He knows that if you sell what customers like, you are on the right track. Now, when asked upon starting something in Baroda, while he also had chances in Australia as well. He comes with an answer that no matter how far you go one should always stay connected to his own roots, you return and come back to your own country, your own people.

Parth wants to create a brand, that will be for normal people as well as to suit the corporate levels. Dosa on Wheels has that unique feature to it and that is why they provide catering services to corporate meetings as well. While at corporate lunch and dinner break you can hardly spare 15-20 minutes for food, Dosa is something that is made immediately and served. Even in this much rush, the cook should maintain both the speed and quality while serving. They have developed certain tricks to manage the rush, and deliver in such a way that nobody is sitting with an empty plate in their hands.

" With the zeal in his eyes and a determined attitude, we left Café Caffeine with the experience of a great coffee and an inspirational approach of Mr.Parth who is a great example of being a confident person of his own beliefs."

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