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Fenceless Hearts

Article By : Haritha Ranjabhooshan

I am that truth which you cease to face… when world has just pain to give I offer them with well wishes during their achievements… when I am discarded from society I still accept the society as mine… what is the fault you find in me? Is my pursuit for my identity a sin for u? … If yes then you are the sinner who still did not learn to respect God's decision.

It takes immense courage for them to disclose their identity to the world. The conflict between the physical I and mental I almost burns them alive. The suffocation that they face until they elevate the true them is equal to bechoke up while being hanged. They at least dare to come up being aware of the odds that they are bound to face, when you cannot appreciate it you do not have the write to criticize us. A trans-gender's struggle do not begin when they disclose their identity, it begins right from the day they are born. Brought up as someone, which really is not his or her identity, the dilemma of searching what I am? Fear of family and society, the conflict between them and their conscience… all these things vex them day by day from leaving them to decide on either to compromise on their identity or to muster courage to own up their truth.

Imagine a life where you are living not as you but as someone imposed on you. Then the stage to convince yourself that it you are not what you appear to be, the realization that there is a truth under veils that you need to divulge. Hereafter is the stage to find the truth of your existence and hence you end up being someone you were always from inside and as someone whom the society looks upon as immorality. Their family disowns them, the society boycotts them and the only hope with them is people like them living in the suburbs deprived of city light and warmth of their kith and kin. The pain of being repudiated by people whom they considered will back them during all odds, shun by the world around that they believed to be their own tears their flesh deep-in leaving a wound that never heals.

Still trying to collect bits from their tattered world, mending their broken dreams and aspirations as they move, there is no one to lift them on their falls; but hundreds of those cruel vultures prey around them to tear them apart given a chance. No shoulder gives them a support to cry aloud until they ventilate the pain in them. There is no one who pays heed to their grief, they live and die in anonymity. Only they know how they lived and only they know how they survived in anticipation of their last breath.

I never understood what wrong they did to the community that the community discriminated them without any consideration. When unconditional sympathy showers on a rapist considering the right of humanity, why these innocent people are not recognized orallowed to live up their dreams. They did not harm any single body, what they claim for is their right to live… their right to rights. All they get from their life is hatred and despair, their only hope is their own closed community; but this community too faces threat to existence.

They either end up ending themselves not being able to withstand the turmoil of rejection and disappointment or end up being prey for the anti-socials.

If we cannot be the reason to be the change for them then we do not have the right to be the reason for their pain. When they have fenceless hearts to accept us as we are why have we fenced them? Why we keep these people away from us? Think before you act, feel before you fence; Else we may never be able to face our conscience... such great is those FENCELESS HEARTS!!

About the Author:

Haritha Ranjabhooshan

Haritha is pursuing her masters in Human Resource Management and working with Baroda Beat as freelance writer.

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