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Youth Reservation and India

Article by : Dr.Hemang Joshi

"Reservation is our birth right and we will snatch it from the Government" -Hardik Patel (Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti)

"If we create 100% literacy rate, Jobs, Opportunities for everyone then who will demand for reservation??" -Shri Narendra Modi.

In the last week of August, Gujarat has seen the ugly picture, when one of the wealthiest communities of the state the "Patidars" demanded reservation for their development and upliftment of their community. This reservation system is seen as the biggest solution of all the problems. If reservation can uplift the level and standard of living of any community then we must visit all the literally backward communities at the suburbs of Gujarat and we should see their so called upliftment.

Recently, the National Crime Bureau announced that Gujarat is the 4th state where child marriage still prevails. Now, where is the upliftment of them in the last 50+ years of reservation? This is a problem which is not going to get solved by politicians ever. I can challenge everyone because politicians see it as a direct dividend of their vote banks. When I was having a look at the news debates, I have seen no party or politicians coming for a debate on any of the news channels as they know they cannot speak anything honestly because it will harm their vote banks.

Let us go 60 years back and think if in any kind of political pressure the, Indian government would have refrained to establish the reservation system in India, then what would have been the scenario of the nation? What would have been the situation of the backward classes?
The answers are multi directional, but let me highlight a few:-

- There might have been the same state of inequality and the exploitation of backward classes might have increased.

- The rich would have got richer and the poor would have got poorer.

- The education level of the backwards would have been harmed and derailed.

But wait today in India the same situation is still there and the rich is becoming richer and poor is becoming poorer. The education system is still the same concern for the backward classes because if in real sense the education is provided then this stinking evil of inequality must have vanished from our country.

In India, the caste based reservation can only benefit the "so called politicians" to mould the vote banks according to their needs. You can show me one individual who claims to be benefitted or 'developed' because of the reservation system, but you cannot show me that one community who can claim to be 'developed' because of the reservation system as they will have to give up their reservation for others then. So the life cycle of reservation is like a life cycle of malaria parasite in which the politicians are the transmitting agents (mosquitoes) and the huge Diasporas of different community of the nation are the hosts (human blood cells) for their manifestation.

As the initiator of the reservation system Dr. B. R. Ambedkar strongly recommended its revision every decade after 1947. It has been revised but only to include the political additions and no subtractions and that is why now everyone who can make a difference is seeking for reservation. Reservation is seen by all as their nitrogen boost to win a race and this kind of mentality has created a huge amount of intellectual disruption among the youth of our nation.

Can we blame all the Patidars, Gurjars, Jats for their illegitimate demand for reservation alone? Can we say it is their non sense attitude towards the system? If we do then it is unjust to them. Let us go to the quote to our PM who once said that 100% Job, Education and Opportunity will nullify the need of reservation.

I strongly agree with his statement and this is the only solution to treat the "reservationally ill "nation. But did he do that in Gujarat? In fact this is not a problem pertaining to Gujarat only it is our nation's scenario.

In the last 10 years the number of government jobs is at their low as compared to the youth getting out of the colleges.

- Privatization of colleges are at their peak and need based graduate outputs are totally neglected , e.g. 10,000 mechanical engineers will pass out from many private colleges against just 1500 jobs.

- People are giving fees, more than 10 lakhs for medical colleges and 5 lakhs in engineering by selling their gold, land or homes.

- Most of the general category poor candidates are facing financial crisis and they switch to the ordinary courses because of the unavailability of money or quotas.

Now just be frank, be blunt and tell if lakhs and lakhs of people of our state or nation are facing the same problem, then Hardik Patel is just a name. Any tom dik or harry can ignite the flame of revolution on the name of reservation because "IT IS AN ISSUE TOUCHING EVERY ONES LIFE, DREAMS AND EXPECTATIONS".

So what does today's youth demand? Reservation? NO, the youth of the nation demands:-

- The problems that we have faced due to the typical policies of the Government, we don't want our children to face the same.

- A crystal clear and transparent analysis of the economic conditions of every person and then the reservation should be according to that i.e. Reservation based on their Economic Conditions.

- Easily accessible and economically feasible education to nurture and mould the minds of our nation towards Social Equality and never see the differences and discriminations between different classes.

- 100% Opportunities of Jobs, Education and Initiative to show their meritorious capability and help in the nation's development globally.

This economically backward benefit has been initiated by the visionary former Vice Chancellor of The M.S. University of Baroda Prof. Yogesh Singh; who started a Department of Students Welfare (DSW) in which any economically backward student irrespective of any category will be benefitted in their education fees. But it's not just about one University; we have to bring this change to the entire nation. As Mahatma Gandhi said "Be the Change you want to see in the world", yes we have to "Be the Change".

If 7 Lakh Patidars can put the whole state machinery onto their knees just imagine what will the youth of our nation be able to contribute? The youth themselves have to stand up and raise their voice against these issues and problems, don't rely on the parliament; they themselves are striving for their own functioning now a day.

At last again ending up with the famous quote of the Father of Reservation of our nation:
"You cannot build anything on the foundation of caste. You cannot build up a nation; you cannot build up a morality. Anything that you will build on the foundations of caste will crack, and will never be a whole."- Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, (Chairman of the Constitutional Committee) <

"It's not a P.J :Imagine if United Nations had reservations, we would have been the first one claiming a permanent membership under some quota"

About the Author:

Dr.Hemang Joshi

Dr.Hemang Joshi is physiotherapy graduate.A thinker, passionate singer.philanthropist at times.A doctor who loves to manage things and dream big and has started writing on a recent note.

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