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JoJo's Cheerful Chinese

Edited by : Kavita Ingale

A man lives his entire life and waits for that one day when he would live a day to follow his passion. When entire Baroda was in midst of its own affairs a man from Darjeeling was standing on the Vadodara Railway Station and was ready to make music a part of his life.

Steve Jobs once said that life is too short so don't waste it for others or doing work for others. This story is also somewhat relates to this line. People say that to have passion for anything makes you leave something behind. But the real fighter is the one who lives his life to the fullest and also fulfils the dreams of his dear ones.

Team Baroda Beat met this person in the heart of Vadodara i.e. "Fathegunj". He has a little place but has a lot of wealth of gratitude and welcoming. He is extremely passionate for music, photography and I assure you that he is the most cheerful person our team has ever met. He has small eyes but his vision is very far sighted and is much focused. He treats his customers as a family and welcomes them whole heartedly.

Yes absolutely, it’s JOJO's Hard Rock Café and the story is of Mr. Jojo. He follows his passion for music, photography and at the same time as a chef. While talking with him you would simply find a different type of energy and vibration that makes you more assertive.

Zindagi ka safar

Talking to Jojo about his life and how he came to Baroda, he replies that first of all he went to Ahmedabad and setup his cafe there. He had a mounting level of passion for music and so he tried to make it an integral part of his life. His café had a great ambience but he was not able to make people understand the things. At that particular time some students from Baroda told him to shift to our beloved "BARODA". He decided to move to Barod and set this cafe in the middle of city in Fatehgunj. When you visit JOJO's Hard Rock Cafe you will find the entire walls having Bob Marley, ACDC, Pink flyod , The Rolling Stones.

Music wala Cafe kaise?

It’s nothing new now that the cafes are playing songs but at Jojo's cafe, you would be hearing what you like. Sometimes even Mr. Jojo himself plays the song that he used to sing in his college days. More to this he added that he has around thousands of songs to play for his customers; here what the customer says is played. If you are feeling enthusiastic then hard rock and if you are feeling low then slowor unplugged versions are played.

Why not concentrated on music?

To this Jojo says that it has been his desire to play guitar and make it his work .But after many efforts made by him, he understood that it is very difficult to just live on music these days. Hence, he decided to make it a part of his business and so he started this practice. He plays the customers favorite and in this way he plays guitar and also satisfies the love for music in him.

What have you left behind in race of achieving your passion?

I haven’t left behind anything to achieve my passion. Jojo says that today he has very dedicated customers and a good place where people can hangout and he loves meeting new people and that always keeps him young. He has followed his heart and would continue do that till he is alive. He further added that one should always get what one aspires for and the way he aspires for; you should always be on the fighting and chasing part to reach to the goal faster.

Why BARODA? What has Baroda given you?

Baroda is a really lovely city. It accepts people and just makes you like the city forever. Coming to this city was the best decision and today I am in love with Baroda. It has accepted us and we also enjoy serving them with soul.

Your food is something different. How?

Jojo says, what I serve to people is soul food; it’s JOJO's SOUL FOOD. Hence, when we make food we try to put our heart and soul in making it. One should always remember that business works on three things – Sincerity, honesty and how you treat people. Every morning we buy fresh veggies and we believe in explaining people why to eat our food.

" Jojo was the first one to introduce MOMO’s for Barodians. Some stories you never like to end and that too when you meet a person like Mr. Jojo. Do visit JoJo's Hard Rock Cafe."

About the Author:

Khush Brahmbhatt

Khush is the chief marketing officer and co-founder of Baroda Beat. He is responsible for all the online marketing and promotion of baroda beat also works for association of BB with other organizations and events

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