Issue 14

Interview with Mr.Kirtan Patel

Edited by : Kavita Ingale

Que.) Some primary information about your family, educational background.

Basically, I have done Biotech and MBA. Now I am in film making and my Father is into tours and travels business.

Que.) How did you end up with this field of Direction?

Ans.) I was in Pune completing my Bachelors and there I studied script making and other courses related to film making. I have attended several film making workshops in Pune and then I joined IMI (institute of Moving Images) and completed a 3 month course there.

Que.) Dhollywood - Our Gujarati version of Bollywood, new dimensions, your views on that?

Film is a film, whether it is a Bollywood or a Dhollywood film. Making a quality film with good story will attract the Gujarati audience to go to watch it in the theatres. Many good directors/producers of Gujarati industry had made films before but they fail to attract the Gujarati audience because of poor marketing and improper management. Proper marketing is needed to sell your product.

Que.) What do you think about the Gujarati film industry's future? With urban based movies that seem to be in trend nowadays.

Ans.)My film is good quality Gujarati film not urban Gujarati, urban is word used for city audience but I am making a film for each and every Gujarati irrespective of whether they live in India or in foreign countries.

Que.) When did you find out that this is what you wanted to do always?

Ans.) From school time, very few of my friends knew that what I want to be and after completion of my 12th I went to Australia and there I started writing stories which I also continued in Pune also and from there I right way got in film line.

Que.) Why not Bollywood, what is the main reason you choose a career in Gujarati movies?

Ans.) I also said before that for me film is a film, whether is it is Bollywood or Dhollywood. I work on good project doesn't matter which language it is then. I like to make short films too, after this feature Film I will make a short film.

"follow your passion and have faith in you and always be positive, the world is there for you. Until you don't work hard, no magic will work. "kam karto ja , hak marto ja, madad taiyarche , vishwas gumavish nahi"-Lord Krishna"

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