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Billion Crafts

Edited by : Sonali Panndit

“The idea to start Billioncrafts came to me during a trip to Jodhpur where I met very poor artisans working in dim light, making stunningly beautiful craft items but when I talked to them, contrary to their skills they were struggling for their survival.”

Billioncrafts is a platform to promote the Handicraft Industry of India to an international level. It was initiated by Saurabh Agarwal, a MNIT Jaipur Graduate in Electronics and Telecommunication. From the initial stages only, he had an idea to serve the society and help the poor and with this thought he resigned from his job at one of the biggest Telecommunication Company of the world-Verizon Wireless and started on this campaign.

They deal with a wide range of handicraft products from all over the place. They are a one stop solution for all your home décor. The products range includes marble, wooden, metal, ceramic, paper and beautiful handmade paintings. They have also started a “You Design, We Create!” Concept, where they give a chance to the customers to share their ideas with them and they would then put their Customer’s imagination into reality with their strong manufacturing power. They are also in Corporate Gifts and Mementos, which itself is a very big market. People from all across the globe love this art and have always appreciated it. When we talk about the customer friendly model, considering their wishes and ideas while making product is the best thing we can do!

The idea to start Billioncrafts came to him during a trip to Jodhpur where he met very poor artisans working in dim light, making stunningly beautiful craft items but when he had a talk with them, despite of their skills they were struggling for their survival. The condition of these people made him realize the condition of the craftsmen. Those who are trying to maintain the culture of our country are still thriving for basic necessities of life and so he decided to help them using the world of internet. The next chapter in his journey was a trip to his Aunt’s who makes beautiful Home Decor items but doesn’t get any place to sell and so she used to give them away to the guests. So he realized then that the talent of the hidden artisans needs to be showcased to the world and this is when he decided to quit his job to implement this idea.

Their initial challenge was to identify such artisans and teach them about the world of internet. These are the people who live in small villages and do not know anything about the online market. They actually had to enter their lives and had to sit for hours to make them understand this shift of the market and get them into confidence. Inventory management was also a big task for him because the art is so beautiful that you just wish to buy everything. Entering into the small streets and local shops and realizing the worth of each and every craft piece requires a lot of wisdom. Similarly they had to work hard influencing the household ladies who refused to trust them and didn’t want to work with them. Billioncrafts is helping such people to showcase their talent to the entire Globe.

The biggest USP of “Billioncrafts” is that they have direct connections with the artisans and so they have a very strong hold on the manufacturing industry. Preserving the essence of the artists is one of the toughest things to be managed by the enablers. Customization of products according to the needs of the customers contrary to other E-Commerce companies who restrain themselves is their strong suit. They are always able to fulfill the customer’s needs and that is what matters the most to us. They have also collaborated with the Jaipur Municipal Corporation (J.N.N.) in its project named SHG project where the government is giving employment to the poor women of Rajasthan and promoting them to create beautiful art and craft.

They want to tap each and every artisan of India whose talent is getting exploited and are not getting proper resources and amenities of life. They want to give these artisans a platform to develop their talent, enhance their skills and give them exposure to the other types of Art in the world.

At the end he inspired us by citing few quotes,
“Life is a coin and it will switch the side definitely”. “Everything takes some time and this hard time will only make us strong and mature”. “It is our responsibility to be ready with full force at that time and hit hard”. Never stop working and never lose hope because “HEAVEN HAS GOT A PLAN FOR YOU”

They are really thankful to Baroda Beat for giving them an opportunity to tell their tale of success.

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