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"At one point of time we did not have the money to buy printer and 2 chairs for our employees"

Space-O Technologies is a frontrunner iPhone apps development and mobile applications design & development company based in India, US and Russia. Space O Technologies premium clients are Excel Entertainment,, Nike, McAfee, Zumbox, Saint Gobain, Ferrari, F T Cash and many others. They work in India, Russia, USA and Vietnam.

The Two experienced professionals, Atit Purani and Rakesh Patel, they wanted to create something big and put a dent in the universe. They both used to work together in their last jobs and knew each other's strengths and weakness. They had limited growth in their previous jobs and were never appreciated, which motivated them to start up their own enterprise. The dream kept them alive and they both decided to jump into this. They worked on 12 to 15 business plans and discuss each and every aspects of expense, even about smallest things like purchasing a pen.
Since they both come from lower middle class families, they did not have funds to invest. Whatever the savings they had, they invested into the business and capitalized it.

They believed in themselves and were ready to face any challenges because they knew that they were very clear on their core values & knowledge,with the vision in mind that drives them to march forward.

Space-O means "Add Zero Add Value". The first brick towards the vision they had was put in July 2010.They started Space-O with INR 70,000/- and one Mac Book.

The Motto Space O believes in is "Winning People rather than defeating them". With huge experience and working with offshore clients in last decade, Space O focuses on making a difference in someone's life. He stated that one should excel in whatever they do..

Space-O is known as Mobile Application development Company, in just 5 years, Space-O is now 200+ members strong team and has clients mostly in the US (95%) with global presence in India, Russia, Vietnam and USA as no borrowing or venture capital funding. Their actions are committed to our vision as we won "Best Mobile Development Company in Gujarat" at the 8th GESIA Annual Award in 2015.

Recently, they have picked up the task of making India Digital, by providing the Government of India with digital mobile solution that actually assists them in governing the country in a more transparent, accountable, accessible and participative manner. Their SmartCity311 apps suite is a complete integrated Solution, which has already been started using by Government Officials of Ahemdabad, Karnali, Karjan, Ajmer, Varanasi and Dabhoi.

At the end Mr. Atit Purani just said that "Just be yourself and focus on basics". Make sure that you have goals in life but make sure that those goals have meaning to it. Meaningless goals are like dogs running on roads to bark and trying to overtake, as it does not have any meaning to it. There is no shortcut to success, so conviction, rigorous practice, intentional focus and perseverance are the qualities, which will make difference in your life as well others life.

He added, most importantly always focus on happiness because you cannot buy "internal happiness" and he believes that happiness drives human minds. You should not do activities just to show someone but do it because that would make you happy. He also believes that "There are certain paths which you need to walk alone. It gives you pain but after reaching your destination, it gives you immense happiness which cannot be measured".

Lastly, He cited a Steve Jobs Quote;
Steve Jobs said that - "Do not just live life, create your own life where other people can live it".

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