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"We’ve been virtually bootstrapped, as we have raised a very small amount of money. Growing the business with very limited resources was a challenge in the early days, but then that helped us in building a lot of discipline, which has helped us immensely in the long run"

Hiver is a simple, email centric product that is immensely useful to small and medium sized companies. Hiver was established by Mr. Niraj Ranjan Rout and Mr. Nitesh Nandy in mid 2011.

They built Hiver because they love email, but found collaborating from email very frustrating and confusing. They wanted to turn email into a powerful collaboration platform that teams could use to work on customer support, projects, sales, hiring etc. After having a few interactions on what and how their product should be, they settled down on their core functionality in mid 2012, and now have around thousands of customers around the world.

Once their customers are on their site, they provide a high quality signup, trial and on boarding experience, which, ensures that the user sees the benefits of using their product during their trial period itself.

They have been virtually bootstrapped, as they have raised a very small amount of money, it was challenging for them to grow with such limited resources but they believe that this helped them in developing a disciplined attitude, which has immensely helped them in long run.

Hiver works by giving tools to users inside Gmail to collaborate and communicate effectively. They let Gmail and Google App users share Gmail labels and contact groups, which helps them to use it as a powerful customer support and CRM tool. Their other features like email snooze, email templates etc. help teams streamline their communication immensely.

They knew that many more people like them had the same problem. The potential to be able to make life easier for so many businesses around the world was highly motivating, and that kept them going.

Even now, they draw their inspiration and motivation from the fact that they solve a real, important problem for the customers which helps them run their businesses efficiently.

They have a cheerful, invigorating work environment without any office politics or unreasonable expectations. They have flexi working hours, a casual and an open communication work culture. They also have free, homely food, regular outings, health insurance - a lot of perks to keep their young employee base happy and engaged. They wish to serve tens of thousands of customers across the world by helping them efficiently run their businesses.
Their message for the young aspiring entrepreneur is, "Solve a problem that you too have felt. Solving a problem that you have run into helps you devise the right solution. A solution built on personal experience is much more likely to be right compared to one built on surveys and focus groups".

They believe that their product has been their strength, and they would continue building that.

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Hitakshi Bhatt

Hitakshi Bhatt, an optimist, believes in the philosophy that “Every problem has a solution.” Friendly by nature and always in high spirits, her laughter will make you laugh more than the joke would. A smile on her face, she can charm you with her inquisitiveness.Her hobbies include singing, reading different books, sleeping and eating lots of good food. Describing herself as an avid reader, she says she can finish a 300 pages book in just two days. An aspirer, she is a “TATA” follower.

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