Issue 14

Jigar Inamdar

Interview with Mr.KunalSharma

'I was born in Madhya pradesh and brought up in Vadodara only. My family belongs to Vadodara. I have done my schooling from Navrachna school in Vadodara only. Unfortunately(!), I scored 80% in 12th, wanted to study law so I went pune for further studies. I am in second year of Law. From third year onwards I will be shifting to The M.S. University of Baroda. Coming back to MSU is a great privilege for me. I also played cricket for Baroda.' Kunal Shares when asked upon his childhood and education.

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Jigar Inamdar

Interview with Mr.Jigar Inamdar

An inspiration to the youth of Vadodara, Syndicate Member, the Director of Institute of Leadership and Governance, The M S University of Baroda and a humble person with a determined vision for this nation- Mr.Jigar Inamdar. Team Baroda Beat had an interaction with him for more than an hour and we could not be more grateful to him for sharing his valuable insights. Being realistic in his responses, he sure knows how to engage his listeners. Here is the interview and the candid moments of it.

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Villager, Visionary, Winner!!

Interview with Mr.Himanshu Patel!!

Ever heard about a school in village having zero dropout rate?or a "gaav" having speakers all over and playing bhajans,shlokas and slogans of Gandhiji?or having mini-bus for transport?seems like a fiction,right?but Baroda Beat brings the real projection of this to you –"Punsari"-a village in Sabarkantha district.And we got the chance to encounter an interview with the man himself who made this possible.Mr.Himanshubhai Patel,an extremely humble personality who agreed for interview just over a phone call.

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Guruji G.Narayana

Intervew with Guruji G.Narayana

Somewhere in the Indian legacy of literature, it is quoted that God exists in the most tiny to the most giant feature of the universe, in the simplest forms; forms you can never imagine, never guess, but can only experience! One such simple form of god's creation is, Guruji Narayana. After having published over 600 books on his name, when he talks his references are from the Vedas and Gita. His life itself if studied can be a lifelong learning.

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Abhishek Jain

Interview with Mr.Abhishek Jain

Abhishek Jain, many few people will be there who don't know about this persona. " Kevi Rite Jaish"," Be yaar"! Now you get it. Yes, meet this person who made these kovies possible which changed the way we look at Gujarati cinema. The path breaker of " Dhollywood". Lets have a look at how Mr.Jain looks at his life.

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