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The Bold Creative

Edited by : Kavita Ingale
“We face hurdles every day, and we still haven’t fulfilled the dream. We have faced pretty much all now we look forward to what’s the next hurdle.”

The Bold Creative is a Bangalore based agency which provides solution to creative problems. The founder of the agency Mr. Vanshaj, while asked about how he got the idea for starting this agency, he said that while he was working for a start-up; he had always had the passion for designing and so he left the organisation to join with Mr. Milan Luthria and meanwhile he also started working on the idea for his agency simultaneously.

He got a creative atmosphere right from his childhood, where he was surrounded by books, music and films and being exposed to such art at such an early age made him look at the world in a different and a musical way. He was born in New Delhi but, his parents left him and then he was adopted by a very humble family who taught him how to be grounded even though they were made of money. He was taught how important it is to be responsible for one’s own work and necessities and also to be self-reliant, disciplined and responsible, which he learnt at a young age. He completed his schooling from bishop cotton boys, where he mainly focused on dance and dramatics.

He never worked for any corporate job because he had a craving to do films and art direction and so he started to work for this agency. So with as little as 30k in his pocket and a broken laptop he moved to Bangalore to start the company along with his friend Mr. Sankhalina. They used to work on the laptop one after the other because that’s what they had and lived in a living room. They slowly moved to a new and fancy place in 8 months and also got to buy their own machines. He got the idea of “bold” while he was driving in a cab and his friend told that the word “creative” is essential for the agency name. This name suits the field also because they didn’t want to go with the flow and have a “classy” name but also wanted a unique name.

Approximately, after2 years of incorporation they have achieved a good success and still they are working around their idea for getting better and uplift themselves in the design industry. During this period they have faced different kinds of problem and the founder says that “their story has been quiet tosy-turvy, but in general that’s the idea of buying a ticket for a roller coaster”. He even says that he has been able to pass through these days because of this team and the idea of working with them on new projects keeps them motivated. Their true goal is to become a worldwide agency and be known amongst the best in design and film space.

The Motto Space O believes in is "Winning People rather than defeating them". With huge experience and working with offshore clients in last decade, Space O focuses on making a difference in someone's life. He stated that one should excel in whatever they do.

On the ending note, his message to the emerging entrepreneurs is that “if money is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, if character is lost everything is lost.”

About the Author:

Shweta Dave

Shweta, has done her graduation in Business Administration and is currently pursuing her Masters in Human Resource Management. An entertainer and the centre of the group, her middle name is funny. She can lift your spirits up by just uttering a monosyllable. Throughout her life she just wants to follow one golden rule and that is “Believe and do what your heart says.” She wants to become a doctor who cures pain by spreading happiness and is actually successful to some extent. Her singleton hobby is sleeping!

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