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BlueHat is all about making a trip from simple to an adventurous one by providing tents and all the other required things on rent to make their client's trip memorable.

BlueHat's Founder Mr. Prinkit Patel and some of his friends had gone for a trip to Sindhrot, a check dam near Vadodara to hang out and felt that if they had come with a tent then it would have been more exciting. So that was how the idea of renting tents and other required items came up to their mind. By providing such facilities, they help the trekkers in making their trip an enticing one.

Mr. Achal Parekh, co-founder of BlueHat is currently pursuing his Graduation in Mechanical Engineering from Babaria Institute of Technology. He did his schooling till Standard 10th from Baroda High School, ONGC. He studied Standard 11th - 12th from Parth School of Science and Competition. His parents support him a lot in all his activities.

Through 'BlueHat' they want to show that "Sky is blue and sky is the roof for you". Also their first tent was blue so they could also associate this coincidence with it.

The idea of BlueHat being a unique one faced a lot of critics. People around them felt that the idea was not practical and they also didn’t have funds for their venture. But now they have overcome this obstacle. The idea of making their client’s trip a memorable one is what keeps them motivated to work hard every day.

They believe that anyone can organize a comfortable trip but the trip in the lap of nature makes it exciting and also a cherished memory. Sometimes people also face certain problems staying in a tent but that is what helps making that trip a life time memory. They feel that real excitement comes from staying in a tent and doing all the activities in the lap of nature rather than staying in any hotel or infrastructural facility.

At the end he cited that the young emerging entrepreneurs should not leave their ideas in the initial stage after receiving criticism, rather they should work hard with dedication and fulfill their dream.

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Hitakshi Bhatt, an optimist, believes in the philosophy that "Every problem has a solution." Friendly by nature and always in high spirits, her laughter will make you laugh more than the joke would. A smile on her face, she can charm you with her inquisitiveness.Her hobbies include singing, reading different books, sleeping and eating lots of good food. Describing herself as an avid reader, she says she can finish a 300 pages book in just two days. An aspirer, she is a "TATA" follower.

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