Issue 14

Youth Reservation and India

Reservation is our birth right and we will snatch it from the Government" -Hardik Patel (Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti) "If we create 100% literacy rate, Jobs, Opportunities for everyone then who will demand for reservation??" -Shri Narendra Modi. In the last week of August, Gujarat has seen the ugly picture, when one of the wealthiest communities of the state the "Patidars" demanded reservation for their development and upliftment of their community.

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Let Me Fly..To Make You Shine

I am not a silent brook to flow off if left untapped; I am not an unclaimed dream to fade out if not ignited; I am your lifeline whose absence will choke you up and force you to lead a dead life. I am untamed, wild and possess the power to make or destroy you! I get you restless, carve you from inside, I keep you burning within each moment.

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Fenceless Hearts

I am that truth which you cease to face… when world has just pain to give I offer them with well wishes during their achievements… when I am discarded from society I still accept the society as mine… what is the fault you find in me? Is my pursuit for my identity a sin for u? … If yes then you are the sinner who still did not learn to respect God's decision.

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Just Another Girl

Ever thought about how it feels to be a murderer? No? By the time I'm finished, you'll start thinking. This happened a few months ago, when I was in law school. Being in a new city, having left my comfort zone behind, I looked for a place to rent. In the midst of that, I met a genuine family of two, having a beautiful daughter, 6 years old. They asked me if I wanted to shift as a paying guest in their home, and I agreed.

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Children of India

Gender gap that even generation gap couldn't fill; wage gap that even illustrations of great women leaders couldn't fill, discrimination in academia that the girls who created records in their academic disciplines couldn't change; it's said be the change but still not a single girl could bring in a change in spite of their constant struggles...Is not this making clear about the change that is essential within the society!

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