Issue 14

Cosmo Foundation

Well, blessing comes in all shapes and sizes, and for the people of Karjan taluka, or 8 villages of there per se, it came in the disguise of Cosmo Foundation. Yes, Cosmo Films, a big name in industry, and its philanthropic wing Cosmo foundation. Two of the members of Baroda beat had been fortunate enough to have experience as interns from MSU in Cosmo, and Cosmo foundation is special in away because during this experience only, Baroda beat came in action!!

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First Blood

First Blood is an online aggregator of blood related services – blood, platelets and stem cells. By aggregator, I mean that First Blood has tie ups with various blood banks and healthcare institutions and serves as a mediator between the requester and the organizations as well as requesters and potential donors. In short, picture Uber, for blood, platelets or stem cells.

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Vadodara Blood Group

Imagine a situation where one of your loved ones is in the hospital and its emergent that you need blood for them. Now, most of the blood banks have a rule that for every blood unit you take, you have to give one unit of blood. But sometimes, even that is not feasible for some families. So, we all have been in this kind of situation one or the other time.Mr. Keshwani, Professor at one of the faculties of M.S. University of Baroda, thought about the better way of blood donation.

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Mrs.Swati Bedekar

MenstruationJust the mention of this word on the public platform will raise some eyebrows. The taboo which has been created about women having periods hasn't even minimized a bit over the years, of what we call 'Technological Advancement". We can't free ourselves from the prejudices, even after being educated; "Let alone we dream about that change in rural India". But, there are those who dare to Dream and Change. When they see a problem, instead of waiting for others to solve it, they work for a solution.

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Bhookh Mitao Campgain!

What is the biggest crisis that the world is facing?? Hunger! In a city like Vadodara where we see amazing enthusiasm in the city and at the other end, on Thursday we see the other face of society near Temples. So these are two faces of our society, one is beautiful and the other one is challenging us to fulfill the basic required necessity that is “Food”.

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