Issue 14

Let Me FLY..To Make You Shine

Article By : Haritha Ranjabhooshan

I am not a silent brook to flow off if left untapped; I am not an unclaimed dream to fade out if not ignited; I am your lifeline whose absence will choke you up and force you to lead a dead life.

I am untamed, wild and possess the power to make or destroy you! I get you restless, carve you from inside, I keep you burning within each moment. With each breathe I beg you to unleash me. Imprisoned within for years now I will break open those bars, I warn you don't supress me; else I will haunt you to explode like a catastrophe.

I aim to conquer new heights, new lives. You just need to let me bit loose and signal me to have a flight to the infinite universe. I am a phoenix that can heal your wounds and rejuvenate myself from a fist of ashes to gift you altogether a new existence. I can keep you engaged, make you smile, empower you to reason and reach you to ultimate ecstasy if let free; and also capable to dig your grave if kept chained.

I can evade all the darkness around you if you bring me out of darkness. You will find meaning to your life if you explore and elevate me, else can lose your existence to anonymity. You live for me, you bear me in you; I am your baby only you can nurture me. Give yourself an existence through me. It's high time!

Unleash that spirit; unleash your power; unleash the sole purpose for which you breathe…… Give me my wings!! Live me; Love me; let me FLY (Find Life for You), because it's me your passion for which you lived that moment, for which you live this moment and henceforth will live every moment…….

Let me RISE to make you SHINE!!

About the Author:

Haritha Ranjabhooshan

Haritha is pursuing her masters in Human Resource Management and working with Baroda Beat as freelance writer.

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