Issue 14

Interview with R.J.Aditi

Edited by : Kavita Ingale

Well,she is known as the Glamour of Radio. Our own Gujarati girl, she is colorful with her own quietness; she has so much to share and enlighten you right from travelling to food. Baroda Beat got a chance to have a peep into her life.

Que.) A little peep in your life since you were a kid, teenager.

Right from childhood, I am a fun loving person who likes to explore various things. As a child I loved drawing & painting and even bagged prizes for it. As a teenager, my interests shifted to dancing, modeling and photography. Photos clicked by me during the school trips would be displayed in the school exhibition.

Que.) So, when did you find out that this is your calling? That eureka moment!

I was extremely fascinated by RJ Dhvanit who hosted the evening prime time show some years back. Meeting him was my Eureka moment. Prior to that, I always felt that Radio Jockeying was some sort of magic. But meeting him in person inspired me to pursue a career in this field. I feel it's the best medium to spread smiles.

Que.) When choosing this "hatke" side of career, any resistance from parents? If any, how did you deal with it?

Ans.) My parents always knew about my passion for working in media as I was associated with modeling, dancing, choreography, photography, and worked as a freelance writer for the college column in newspaper. But radio as a field was quite new to them. When I joined radio I wasn't a graduate yet and was awaiting my B.Com results. Their entire worry was limited only to the authenticity of the medium and the brand I work for. And so for this very reason I have consciously worked only with genuine brands.

Que.) Well, in your job, you get to meet so many celebrities. So, how does it actually feel and any special moment with them?

Ans.) As I was always connected with the glam field, I was never star-struck. I believe the stars do their work and we have to do our work. But definitely meeting some celebrities brings a smile on my face. Ajay Devgan being my personal favorite; during a personal interview I got to see his new born son's photo from in his phone which had not come out in the media. On meeting Varun Dhawan, I came to know that he is an Instagram lover. So yes, with this sort of a job, you definitely have an edge in knowing certain facts.

Que.) So, apart from this awesome job, what are your other interests?

Ans.) As stated above my interests are varied like Travelling, watching films, modeling, photography, digital media and social media marketing. In short anything related to current trends and entertainment interests me.

Que.) "To dream is easy, achieving them is tough."-You believe so?

Ans.) I strongly believe that nothing can materialize unless you dream. Your dreams push you towards achieving them. I would rather say that don't just dream, dream big because dreaming big is a sign of a tough mind.

Que.) Any message for youth out there? Or something you just want to share.

Ans.) I believe that one does not get anything easily and if one gets it easily it does not sustain longer. Hard work delivers success slowly but for a long time. If you take the short cut route, success is short lived. One may become successful overnight, but attitude decides how long this success will sustain. So work hard to achieve your dreams. Focus on power, money will flow automatically. Keep a positive outlook always.

Your mantra for life?
"Do it before you die" Live the moment…Live every moment fearlessly.

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Hetvi Chatufale

Hetvi is editor in chief and co-founder of Baroda Beat.hetvi takes care of the articles and also to approach people. Idea of Baroda Beat won't be come to existence without her. No matter how big your dream is she'll make you believe that you can achieve it.

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