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Chotu Ek Chhai!!

Three days ago , I was at bus station waiting for my bus to come and was really tired and suddenly a boy may be of 12-13 years of age came to me and told "Boss cha pivo chottu ni Mast Cha, Thaak uttare Rang Jamave chotu ni Cha" I was awestruck by seeing his marketing skills and I took a cup and told him to come back to me after he serves all and gets free.

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I tried to Google (browse) to find a good appealing quote for one of my friend who is a male for a favor done by him. He is one among those who motivated me to hold the pen back that I had dropped years back and if I am writing, it is all because of him. Here to my surprise I could not find one single quote for men in one go that is presentable enough.Thanks again to you I got a topic to write on!

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One Fine Morning

One fine morning !! Hello people. The issue specially for the women this time. The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world!! This time we will talk about some of the things that what is the best things that only a Women can do !! The Womaniya Factor!! Three days before we;Tteam Baroda Beat were discussing about the current issues of the women and what are the contribution from her to the society. On the ending note we concluded that there is no job that a women could not do.

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India's Daughter

India is the largest country following democracy.all Indians are proud of that.but when it comes to considering the opinion of 125 crore,it is kinda tough task.there are got to be difference in mindsets,beliefs.but whatever opinions you have,they should be ethically correct. If we talk about the nirbhaya case in Delhi,it is topic of discussion,everybody gives opinion ,everybody is right on that part,but why this situation has come?

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Incredible You

Gender gap that even generation gap couldn't fill; wage gap that even illustrations of great women leaders couldn't fill, discrimination in academia that the girls who created records in their academic disciplines couldn't change; it's said be the change but still not a single girl could bring in a change in spite of their constant struggles...Is not this making clear about the change that is essential within the society!

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