Issue 14

The Rural Pleasure

Story of Mr.Chirag Munjani

A guy, after his Bachelors in mechanical engineering, MBA from one of the well-known institutes of India, absorbed in a well-known Indian Industry, resigns his job one day and starts a business, with the concept which is never used before! But here, it is not important what he did? But "why" is!! What made him give up his already settled life and start a total new business "Rural Pleasure"! Chirag Munjani. The person who had courage to follow his passion, once he found one

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Dosa on Wheels

Story of Mr.Parth Anant

Parth Anant, went to Australia for higher studies and worked in a pioneer hotel there. He always had at the back of his mind that one day he will start something in his own roots, his own country; but he let life flow its way. After working for several years in the hotel industry at Australia; one day while fishing, his friend suggested the idea of coffee on wheels as an affordable place to buy coffee. He didn’t do anything that time, but that idea was always at the back of his mind.

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Black Board Project

Story of Mr.Srishti Mukerjee

The "Black Board" project! No, it is not a part of "Sarvashikshaabhiyan".It relates to education for sure. When two students of psychology department thought of the idea of making movies out of the theories they study as part of their education. Now this thought seems like a simple ,but is definitely not. So, they had thought of an idea, but they had no resources to make it happen. By the end of their second year of graduation, one of the professors called them to meet.

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The Cake Love

Story of Mrs.Hiral Desai

Software Engineer, a fancy job at hand, but she waited for the weekends. Because that’s when she could be closer to her dream, her love for cakes. Hiral Desai, who believes in giving personal touch to the precious moments of people’s life. She was born and brought up in Baroda. And like every other average kid, she also took up engineering after schooling, and then got a job in Baroda itself. She worked in a reputed firm for around 4 years. She used to wait for the weekends so that she could try out some new recipes. Her love for cooking and baking made her weekends worth. Then gradually she realized she was more interested in the weekends than her job itself, which made her realize that her dream was different.

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V.I.P Event Management

Story of Mr.Sagar Fame Shah

Sagar FAME Shah. Oh yes, Fame is his middle name and is an important part of his story. A guy, who holds a Masters degree, has a well settled business of his father, so what would you expect? No. You might have thought that he handled his father's business and had his share of happily ever after. He had something better to do and wanted to create his own happily ever after. He was born in Mumbai and always wanted to stay there but as his family was moving to Vadodara he also had to move here.

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