Issue 14

Radio Connect

Story of Shreyansh and Manali

Radio is probably the first device of broadcasting in the modern world and an entrepreneur in the field of digital;, a WEBSITE -online radio, which brings your favorite songs to your laptop and one need not worry about the frequency not matching due to bad weather as well.Two people, who came up with this brilliant idea, contacted Baroda Beat and wanted to share their story with Baroda.

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One Way Cabs

Story of Mr.Vivek Kejriwal

We all knew taxis only in movies and in the mega cities like Mumbai and Kolkata. But then, "Baroda Taxi Cab" (Now One Way Cabs) came and changed our perception regarding this. Barodians have now got used to the taxi culture in their lives.When we met the founder of Baroda Taxi Cabs, Mr. Vivek Kejriwal; he welcomed us and while we waited in his office, we observed the way they work. There were continuous calls coming in and it was quite busy in there. After a while, he came to talk to Baroda beat.

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Sakhi Beauty Clinic

Story of Mrs.Parul Shah

The best way to celebrate a woman is to celebrate her elegance. Beauty comes from within but elegance has to be nurtured. What if someone does this job so gracefully that they get a "Rashtra Vibhushan" award for grooming the elegance in ladies?!It can and has happened."Sakhi beauty parlor", most of the women residing in Baroda have heard of this name at least once.It is famous for their Bridal make up, Mrs. Parul Parikh has set the record of having done makeup of 28 brides within 14 hours and it has also been registered in The Limca Book of World Records.

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Witness the Fitness

Story of Mr.Sudhir Bhave

only educating your children is not sufficient, proper care of their health should also be taken by their parents" says Shudhir Bhave. Many of you might have seen a middle aged man in his late fifty's, driving around the eye catchy yellow coloured different cycle. Yes, Sudhir Bhave is that man. The cycle that he drives is a wonder that he created out of his concern about fitness. He believes that health is a very important part at every stage of our life cycle.

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Delivery at Doorstep (DELFOO)

Story of Mr.Kandarp Patel

Two best friends came back to India for a vacation after completing their Master's abroad and went to eat pavbhaji at a famous outlet in Manjalpur, Baroda. After having their food, when it came to taking parcels for their families, this is where the seeds of creation of our beloved "Delfoo" were planted. Yes, that is when Mr. Kandarp Patel and Mr. Yoshit Patel had the Eureka moment to start Baroda's first versatile service that delivers food at doorstep of Barodians. "Delfoo"- Delivering Food, name says it all.

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