Issue 14

Interviews :

Bhoomi Trivedi

Interview with Bhoomi Trivedi

Bhoomi Trivedi, The Barodian girl who was first recognized from the national platform of singers, Indian Idol. And now, her voice has become a brand. Slightly hatke from those melodious female singers, Bhoomi's voice is energizing and well known in industry now. How she started, what choices made her reach at the place she is, the small town girl, who dreamed big and achieved it, spoke her heart out in a conversation with Baroda Beat.

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Trisha Prabhu

Interview with Trisha Prabhu

15-year-old innovator, social entrepreneur, speaker and founder of ReThink,You don’t have to wear a labcoat or have Albert Einstein’s hair to solve complex problems that plague our society. If you have the passion, interest, and skills, when you look around yourself and care deeply about something, you can certainly do something about it.

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Kirtan Patel

Interview with Mr.Kirtan Patel

follow your passion and have faith in you and always be positive, the world is there for you. Until you don't work hard, no magic will work. "kam karto ja , hak marto ja, madad taiyarche , vishwas gumavish nahi"-Lord Krishna

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Intervew with R.J.Aditi

Well,she is known as the Glamour of Radio. Our own Gujarati girl, she is colorful with her own quietness; she has so much to share and enlighten you right from travelling to food. Baroda Beat got a chance to have a peep into her life.

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Versatile V.C

Interview with Dr.Anil Kane

"सत्यमेव जयते नानृतं"- Stating this as one of his favorite lines of Sanskrit, Dr. Anil Kane gives us a whole new insight of the world we live in. When team Baroda beat met him, we only knew that he is the former vice chancellor of The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda. But in a detailed session with him, we came out knowing a lot more about him. A self-made man, who can provide you with the knowledge right from any upnishad to chemistry, still very casual of the aura he possesses.

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