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Vishnu Opticals

Success Story of Vishnu Opticals

We all have seen huge optical showrooms at Race Course in our city and after having a detailed talk, I found out that it is one of the biggest optical showrooms of Gujarat.Mr.Deviprasad Mehta and his younger brother Mr. Vishnu Mehta are the creators and owners of Vishnu Opticals; those who triggered the wholesale business of optical in Baroda.

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Jay Mahakali Sev Usal

Success Story of Mahakali Sev Usal

If any barodian says that he doesn't know what Mahakali sevusal is, he is not a true Barodian. Right from the college clusters to families, everybody digs the taste of this sevusal which makes everyone's taste buds dance! Let's look into the history of sevusal in Baroda. In Maharashtra, there is a dish called "MisalPav"; which is considered to be one of the most delicious delicacies of the world. Inspired by that, one of the restaurant in our city started selling sevusal and people welcomed it, and this leads to our Mahakali's start up.

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Spice it up with Chatkazz

Success Story of Chatkazz

In my journey of 9 years I earned two things, trust and integrity- Mr Anand Ratnani CEO and Co Founder, Indie-delights Pvt Ltd, your Chatkazz. Being in a garment industry for many years as an entrepreneur it was not satisfying for Mr. Anand. According to him, the talent that he possessed being educated and creative and even being young he thought of exploiting himself and make use of the available knowledge at an optimum level.

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Bhai Bhai Dabeli

Succes Story of Bhai Bhai Dabeli

Kutchi Dabeli no Swaad toh Bhai Bhai ni Dabeli j aape!! God give him long life, who created Dabeli on earth!! Long live that man!! Today, we are here again being extremely Foodie at Bhai Bhai Dabeli, the first and most well known name in the city which is located at, Ayurvedic 3 Rasta.This story is about a small boy named Bharat, who was born at the place where dabeli originated, that is in Kutch. At a very small age he lost his father.

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Cheerful Chinese

Success Story of JoJo's Hard Rock Cafe

A man lives his entire life and waits for that one day when he would live a day to follow his passion. When entire Baroda was in midst of its own affairs a man from Darjeeling was standing on the Vadodara Railway Station and was ready to make music a part of his life.Steve Jobs once said that life is too short so don't waste it for others or doing work for others. This story is also somewhat relates to this line.

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